Angelina is a cranky bitch

There was a time in my life when sleep was not something I even thought about.  I went to work, came home, relaxed and then went to bed.  That’s when this amazing thing called sleep came.  It was like like your best childhood friend.  You think you will be friends forever.  You share secrets with her.  She is funny and you have an amazing time together.  And then one day she decides she’d rather be friends with the cheerleaders than the would-be goth girl and – poof – you are alone.  Sleep is that fickle friend for me these days.  Sleep is a bitch.

A little over a year and a half ago, I left my normal nine to five life and took on a job as a police dispatcher.  It’s a cool job, but the hours are murder.  Currently I work an overnight shift and though it started out okay – sleep was still my friend at that time – things have taken a turn for the worse.  Well, sleep and I simply have stopped talking.  Sleep – let’s call her Angelina because I feel that any friend named Angelina would be fun for awhile but then turn on you like a 45 record.  Angelina is a cruel friend.  She allowed me to trust her and then when things got tough she simply bailed.

I have tried tea, benadryl, meditation, a hot shower, a cold shower, copious amounts of wine, no wine, eating before bed, not eating for hours before bed, listening to music, watching tv, reading horribly boring books, doing nothing, reading interesting books, sex, no sex, and simply begging someone to hit me with a frying pan and knock me out.  But alas, Angelina is evil and I am once again sleep free.

Someday I hope to befriend the aloof and moody Angelina again.  Until then, blogging is a good way to pass the sleep-free hours.

Happy Thursday to all.