An open letter to ASU Gammage Box Office

Dear Gammage Box Office Manager:

I called you today because I was given two tickets for one of your upcoming shows. Since I use a wheelchair I was hoping I might be able exchange the tickets I had for accessible ones. You, however, were not only not helpful, but actually downright rude. Customer service obviously isn’t something that comes naturally to you. So I thought maybe you would like a lesson. I am a helper like that.

When someone calls you asking for help and they actually have a legitimate problem it might help if you acted like you actually gave a damn. Sounding bored and insinuating that since I didn’t buy the tickets that I was somehow less than your other patrons was rude and uncalled for. How difficult would it have been to try to make some accommodations? Even if nothing could be done it would have greatly helped the situation if you had acted even a tiny bit sorry. But you didn’t.

So, this is my open letter to you and all disabled people. If you use a wheelchair do not expect the Gammage Box Office personnel to assist you in any way. To them, or at least to the female manager, our patronage is not as valuable as those who are able bodied. Instead of using our money at Gammage, I suggest we spend it at venues who have proven to be willing to assist in situations like this. Spend your entertainment dollars at: Chase Field, Talking Stick Arena (formerly Glendale Arena), US Airways Center, The Orpheum, Comerica Theater, Symphony Hall, Celebrity Theater and many others. These venues, in my experience, have been interested in assisting however possible and I have had very good experiences at each of these places. I, for one, will not be spending my rare time off and entertainment budget at a place that doesn’t value me as a customer and I urge others to do the same.


The lady in the wheelchair you refused to help

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